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The BEST Foil Cupcake Liners for Wedding in 2020

by Sophia Cao on March 10, 2020
Looking for the BEST Cupcake Liners for Wedding?
Look no further! Gifbera’ve got the best cupcake liners!
Gifbera’s customers can back us up on this statement, our cupcake liners are a favorite among many professional bakers! We get a lot of great feedback about our cupcake cups, so we know we’re not boasting Gifbera’s quality.


Here’s what makes them great:

1. All of our solid colors stay solid and bright before and after baking cupcakes! The difference is in the quality of the color and paper materials.
2. All the dyes used to make these beautiful cupcake liners are FDA approved FOOD SAFE DYES.
3. Quality, Quality, Quality! These are sturdy quality cupcake liners that you will like 100%.
4. The color of our cupcake liners will never ever end up bleeding into your batter.
5. Lastly, our baking cups are greaseproof, which is basic and must-have features.
Beautiful bright cupcake liners that don’t fade, don’t bleed, and are made from greaseproof quality foil paper.
We hope you try them for yourself! We are sure Gifbera cupcake liners will surprise you, your customers, family, and friends!

See what customers say: 

“I am a professional baker and will only use Gifbera Brand foil cupcake liners from now on. They are the best silver cupcake liner I’ve ever used! The liners have beautiful color with great, sturdy quality. Most importantly, they separate easily! Many brands of foil liner are almost impossible to separate without destroying the shape; a non-issue with Gifbera!!”

– By Christine F.

“I used these hot pink foil liners for a wedding reception and they were perfect! They are greaseproof, great shine and very durable, and they are not flimsy like others I have used. They keep the shape very well.”

– By Karen Leden.

“I used these standard liners for a rose gold wedding. I love the color of these wrappers so much that I placed a second order.”

– By Vcah3


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