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Gifbera Foil Cupcake Liners are Chosen by Professional Bakers

by Sophia Cao on March 10, 2020

“I am a professional baker and will only use Gifbera Brand foil cupcake liners from now on. They are the best silver cupcake liner I’ve ever used! The liners have beautiful color with great, sturdy quality. Most importantly, they separate easily! Many brands of foil liner are almost impossible to separate without destroying the shape; a non-issue with Gifbera!!” – By Christine F.


“I love these standard gold foil cupcake liners so much! I was searching for a good gold cupcake liner when I stumbled across these. I’m so happy I did purchase! They stayed vibrant after baking and were a breeze to decorate. 5 stars and I’ll be ordering in bulk now! – by Selena S


“I used these hot pink foil liners for a wedding reception and they were perfect! They are greaseproof, great shine and very durable, and not flimsy like others I have used. They keep the shape very well.” – By Karen Leden.


“I Love that they stood up to baking and were easy to tear off.  The color of the blue foil cupcake liners don’t change after baking. I will be trying other colors for holiday baking.” – By T S.


“I used these standard liners for a rose gold wedding. I love the color of these wrappers so much that I placed a second order.” – By Vcah3


“I love that these purple foil liners keep their nice color after baking and the cupcakes remove nicely from around them! I have ordered these several times and they are far superior and easier to use and separate than any other cupcake liners I have used…and I think I have probably tried all of them.” – By D. Rush.


“Loved these standard red liners were awesome for my grandson’s first birthday. They are perfect pop of red for his shark theme party” – By Elizabeth M.


“These mini red foil cupcake liners hold very well of the desserts, and they looks pretty.” – By DCELY


They are perfect and sturdy! Grease does not soak through.” – By TCoop 


“Beautiful mini gold foil cupcake tins!! They made my cupcakes look beautiful for my baby’s first birthday party. I got so many compliments. The gold color stayed vibrant after baking, and the cups themselves are very sturdy. The cake didn’t stick to the paper any more than a usual baking cup does. I will definitely buy again.” – by Ravinder Arceo.


More customers appreciate Gifbera foil cupcake liners:

“I am impressed with these; they are sturdy shiny and do not bleed at all and the guests like the look.” – Chris D. Miller

“These rose gold cupcake liners are excellent quality! They held their shape and exterior color perfectly while baking and the rose gold color is true to the picture provided by the seller! Highly recommended!” – Anna Itzen

“Oh man! THEY DIDN’T STICK! And when I took them out of the muffin pan they looked freakin’ AWESOME…like jewels with a dollop of frosting on top. They tasted okay because my buttercream didn’t turn out but…dang. All that bling hid my failure. Buy these cupcake cups now!” – Eric M.


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